Since September 2022 we have been working on a project for Rapid Retail Ltd, Europe’s leading Modular Retail Specialists. This company has for the past 15 years provided Retail Solutions for Sport, Retail, Food & Beverage and Events across the UK and Europe.

The Company has been extremely successful since it was established providing solutions to the top sports teams across Europe in various sports.

In Football, they have supplied  (and still do in many cases) to Paris St Germain, Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Aresnal, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and many more.

In Rugby, they have supplied to Northampton Saints, Saracens, Gloucester, Twickenham and several clubs across Europe.

Silverstone, Lords, Wembley Stadium, Stade de France are amongst many other locations which also have Rapid Retail units on site.

Rapid Retail at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix

Despite their success, the Company wanted to improve its digital presence in a number of areas.

WR1 Studio have been able to help in a number of areas including a re-setting of the Rapid Retail website, making it easier to navigate and find products. We also found that there was a host of content of previously written articles by the company which were not displayed. We have also created over 60 videos in just over 5 months on products, projects,  presentations and much more including the creation of a new Company Stock list which now hosts a wealth of content including video.

 We have also utilised previously set up Social Media including Linkedin and enhanced it with new upto date content including written articles, video and photos.


We new Stock List promotes used units which are available for re-hire or purchase. The stock list can be found at: 

There will be a new website in the coming months but for the short term the updates and amendments have really benefitted the company bringing in one of the busiest periods in its history.

The Rapid Retail Youtube Channel can be found at:



One thing we hope you will notice is that the videos do not have 1000’s of views and neither are we expecting them to. We are looking for quality leads rather than views so the videos are used in targetted campaigns or used for responding to enquiries. There are also a number of videos which are unlisted – many of which are re-edited for specific purposes for potential clients, most of which will only be ever viewed by a handful of people at most.