About Us

We are a Video Production company based in Worcester where simple story telling is our speciality.

Having spent several years creating hundreds of videos for our local Football Club and running another Business where video was a key source for generating income from the early days of Youtube, added to that continual requests for videos of various types from local Business owners WR1Studio was born!!

Our experience is working with local people.

Our interest is telling your story, you are the most important part of the video process, we just put the pieces together.

What’s the use of a video if no one watches it! We have a proven track record of not just creating videos, but getting them out there in front of an audience, targeted or not! – We won’t be giving you “Charlie bit my finger!” stats but we can help drive in traffic to your website. Check out a few examples below!

Previous Video Projects

Audience and Interest based targeted videos.

A very simple video for www.elite-uk.com and targeted to specific demographics with Google Ads with the outcome of *401,000+ views and Business gained 1000 x more than investment for video production.
*As of 4th September 2019
This video was created in 2015 and you will still find it at the top of Google Search four years later. In 2019 alone it has generated nearly 60,000 views driving traffic to the company website. This is at the top of the free listings, it doesn’t cost a penny!!

1 Million + Viral Video

Thank you Youtube!! One Million + views from this video have paid for my latest equipment
This video has been seen worldwide and was published in all the National Media online editions including The Telegraph , The Guardian and The Independent , The Daily Mirror,
BBC Sport, ESPN and The Sport Bible
This video went global as a Twitter campaign ran in the four hours from when it was filmed to when it was posted online had Media outlets itching to share it!! – Just what we like!!
This video can be found on: Worcester City FC TV amongst 300 other videos.
Viral Video Worcester
So this is what a viral video spike looks like!!

Location targeted promotional videos

The Building Block in Worcester is a construction skills centre run by Worcester Community Trust. Since adding videos and using all available tools such as Google Ads for Non Profits, course take up rate went from around 25% to 97.6% in just four months, with waiting lists for new courses – Amazing!!!
This video was created to promote Plumbing Courses and targeted to a specific age group & interests in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It currently has over 4,000 views and the courses are sold out with a waiting list.

These videos are just an example of previous work. So if you are looking for Video Production in Worcester, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!