Advertising Videos

Below are a few examples of videos made to advertise specific services or products.

All of the videos have generated significant traffic, creating sales & meeting the desired outcome.


This is an extremely simple video. It was produced to highlight the features of the vehicle and with call to action cards embedded to help drive potential clients to the website.

Since being uploaded it has generated 500,000 views (30/7/2021) and it is as relevant today as the day it was made.

Production costs were covered within a week.


This video was targeted to specific demographics and as the above graph indicates, in just a 9 month period during 2019 it generated 126,000 views. It generates on average 30 enquiries a week with a target of converting 20% of enquiries.

Construction Skills Course

This video was created to publicise a course at a construction skills centre & part of a wider digital campaign.

The campaign was targeted using a Google Non Profits grant using Google Ads which as a result has seen all spaces sold out and a significant waiting list using Mailchimp to register interest in future courses.

Course Training Video

An innovative way to help students pass procurement exams using  eveyday scenarios to relate to course modules. 

This compilation was made from 20 Vidblinqz videos in six different countries and is designed to to help generate new subscribers to the website.

Subscribers pay $1 per month to access content including free videos.

All of the videos we create are entirely about the product or service. They are all straight to the point. We are happy to work with clients who have restricted budgets and with our expertise in getting the videos in front of the right audience, your investment will be worth it!