Making Videos Work!!

Elite Chauffeur Cars offers a VIP Chauffeur Service in Worcestershire.

Since 2013 services were extended to offer VIP Mini Coach Services and a Youtube Channel was set up to promote this service

You could spend thousands on a visual creative masterpiece or you could create a video that does exactly what you need it to do, generate customers!! Our videos are generally short, to the point, getting the message across and driving traffic into websites.

This was the very first video I made to promote the service back in 2011.

At just over two minutes in duration, it was in reflection too long, although it generated plenty of bookings. The next videos produced was much shorter!!

This video made back in 2015 is the most watched on the Elite-UK Channel with 434,000 views (March 2020). It is still driving averaging 5,000 views every month, driving potential customers in to the website – resulting in a significant number of bookings. If just 0.5% of viewers make an enquiry every month, that is still 25 customers!!
As of 30/7/21 this video has been seen over 500,000 times!

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