Story Telling for Charities is extremely important. Showing the impact and outcomes of what you do is vital if you are completing funding bids. We can help share what you do by highlighting key areas for campaigns, in addition we can offer additional help in spreading your message via online platforms

Telling your story after you have received funding is also an extremely important part of your continuing journey. Show your funders and the public the impact that their investment has had on your community or cause.

If you are not quite ready to apply for funding, we can help you build a catalogue of information to show the importance of your work.

If you are ready to apply for funding, we can help with a supporting video.

Worcester Community Trust

The Worcester Community Trust 2018 AGM video was filmed over a period of 12 months. It highlights the essential project work carried out by the charity. It was shown at their AGM to local Councillors, partner agencies, supporters, funders and staff. The video also demonstrates impact of funding when compared to the AGM video from the previous year.

This video shown at the Charities AGM followed on from the previous years AGM Video & demonstrated to the audience the impact that it had within its local community.

For the first time visitors at the AGM were able to not just listen, but watch Projects in action.

The DAWN Project 

The Dawn Project is a part of Worcester Community Trust. It provides support for women suffering from Domestic Abuse.

This video was made to raise awareness of the Project, gain backing from other organisations & people and to support funding bids.

It was first shown at the Charities AGM where visitors, councillors and partner organisations were able to see first hand  the impact the Project has on local Women’s lives.

The Building Block is a construction skills centre based in Warndon, Worcester and part of Worcester Community Trust.
This video is about the volunteers from the centre who helped improve the Fortis Living Community Garden in Chedworth Drive, Worcester. They built walls, paths and a BBQ using skills they had learnt from taking courses!

The Building Block, which opened in 2016, used to rely on posters and word of mouth to sell spaces on their evening courses which led to an unfortunate statistic that less than 25% of available spaces on courses were sold. Other issues included collecting payments ahead of the course start date.


A Marketing campaign was devised utilising the Google Non Profits program supported by video & social media campaigns and a booking system plug-in was installed into the website.


This integrated campaign led to the course take up rate increasing from around 25% to 97.6% where it has remained ever since. When courses become fully booked, people are able to join a waiting list via Mail Chimp, allowing them to be notified first when spaces became available.

There are now over 600 people receiving course updates via Mail Chimp. This has led to the situation where places on courses become fully booked within hours of release.

The Building Block, Worcester – Plumbing Course promotional video helping to sell spaces on Evening Courses at the Construction Skills Centre.

It was targeted to specific demographics, locations and interests. It currently has over 4000 views and all current and future courses for 2020 are sold out with a waiting list.

In fact, all 2020 Evening Courses are fully booked!!

All of the videos are shared on different platforms and uploaded separately as results can sometimes vary and its great to know which works best!! If a video is created for a specific campaign or date, we can use previously unseen footage to create a completely new video at very little cost!

For more information visit the Worcester Community Trust website

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