The last three years has seen a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. What was once an exclusive marketing tactic for the top companies via TV, it is now available for everyone via a variety of online platforms!

Creating videos can be an expensive business, but we take a different approach. Our videos are raw with the emphasis on people and products. We aim to generate authentic content, therefore we always try to get the best out of the actual people involved rather than actors.

Click on the dropdown menu for just some of the types of projects we have worked on, if what you want isn’t there, please get in touch!

Who do we work for?

We make videos for all sorts of people and businesses and for all sorts of reasons. We have used video to great effect and success. With 55% of people searching for a product on Google heading straight to Youtube for more information, it makes perfect sense to have your own videos. We work for:

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Size Businesses
  • Charities
  • Community Organisations
  • Family
  • Sport

We can help you with your project however small and we will produce a video to fit with your aims. Whether it be to showcase products; a how to video; site tour; or simply to talk about an event or activity.

Here’s quick look at the Youtube account – This small Company which provides VIP Mini Coaches has received 126,000 views in 2019 alone!!!

Different types of Video:

  • Demo Videos: Showcase how your products work. From  taking viewers on a tour of your site / product / service and how it can be used or unboxing and putting a physical product to the test.
  • Event Videos: Is your business hosting an event? We can produce an overview with interesting interviews and presentations from the event. We can also visit your Business over a period of time to film specific clips to be used at an Event such as a Presentation Evening or an AGM.
  • Brand Videos: We can help to promote your brand via video using a wide range of online tools. We can help you target specific demographics or a broad spread.
  • How to” Videos and Interviews: If you have a particular skill through your Business, why not share it through video. It will help generate sales!!
  • Funding Bid Support: We can create a project video to support your next funding bid

Getting your Video seen

We can also help you to promote your video across various platforms whether it be Google, Twitter, Facebook or just your website!.

If your intention is to generate ads to promote across the Google network, we can help with a Youtube Channel, Google Ads, Google Search and more!

We have made many videos that have gone viral due to the fact that we have used various platforms during the promotional side of the video process.

However, having one million views on your video doesn’t mean anything if none of them click through to your site and buy your service or product, unless of course the purpose of your video is raising brand awareness.

If you are a small Business where you only have a small amount of customers, creating a video and specifically targeting your potential new customers is the way forward, so why not get in touch and see how we can help!

This simple to the point video was made back in 2015 and is still generating plenty of business. The cost of producing the video for was covered by bookings made within the first week of being released. It now has over 370,000 views (as of 16/7/2019) and is as relevant today as it was four years ago!! (Update 4/9/2019 this video is now on 401,000 views)

Our prices start from just £175 if you are booking a series of videos

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