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For the past six years I have attended the Chris Green Media Business Club. CGM is a specialist Midlands-based media, communications and marketing team providing communications coaching, media training, PR and creative services and inspirational events.

The Business Media club meets on a monthly basis with various topics covered throughout the year. It gives an opportunity to meet other local businesses, share ideas and learn new skills.

Themes for 2019/20 include:

  • 25th October 2019 – Free your creative self
  • 29th November 2019 – Learn to Listen
  • January 2020 – Be disruptive
  • February 2020 – Make quality content king
  • March 2020 – Win buy in and build trust

In September 2019 the club celebrated its 6th anniversary and as a thank you WR1Studio produced this quick testimonial from some of the club members.

Chris Green Business Media Club video produced by WR1Studio

If you run a business that could benefit from Media Training; PR, Comms and Marketing, Coaching & Consultancy, we can highly recommend getting in touch. Visit the CGM Website.

Chris Green Media
Chris Green Business Media Club

If you need a short video creating to highlight a story, event or project please get in touch:

Make your videos worth it!!

At WR1 Studio making a video is just one part of the process, getting it out there and seen by your target audience is just as important as the video content, after all what’s the point if no one is going to watch it?

We can help get your video out there in front of an audience whether it be via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or any other platform and not all need to be online.

We don’t just understand storytelling, we understand the process of connecting with your audience right through to the call to action. (Not that all videos necessarily need to follow this process).

Let’s be clear on one thing though – Not all videos need thousands of views to be successful, it depends on your desired outcome. If you need to create a video for a specific purpose, eg you want one particular person to see it, then having one view can make that video a success and be more valuable than a video that has 10,000 views which has no one following through on a call to action.

As posted on our website this video has 405,000 views:

Visit the Elite UK VIP Mini Coaches Youtube Channel

It was created to promote VIP Mini Coaches for back in 2015 and is deliberately as short and as factual as possible. The video is still driving in traffic to the website and generating bookings four years after it was created & it was spread to viewers in specific areas.

However, a great example of a video that only has a few hundred views online but reached its desired outcome was this video for Worcester Community Trust:

This video is a about the DAWN Project, to promote the Domestic Abuse service that the Worcester based Charity offers. It was created to be shown at an AGM where local Councillors were present and one was particularly moved and inspired to support the service which he previously had no knowledge – exactly what the video was designed for!!

So however you make your videos, make sure you know what your desired outcome is before you start!!

So drop us a line and we’ll help you spread your net!!

Going Worldwide with Vidblinqs

Going world wide with a viblinqz video.

Our brief was as simple as can be – produce a simple, short video designed to be viewed on mobile for students from around the world undertaking a procurement and supply chain management course.

The videos are short, succinct ideas and inspirations, downloadable on a phone, laptop or tablet, designed to highlight and explore practical ideas and initiatives.

Use of examples to reinforce an idea or key point is a fruitful mark-enhancing endeavour in an exam or assignment. The weekly release of VidBlinqz clips – and access to the VidBlinqz archive of historical Procurement and Supply Chain observations – is intended to give practical insight and inspiration for that moment in an exam when your mind goes blank….

These videos are filmed on and designed to be watched on mobile devices!

Video Story telling made simple